Review of The Fixer
2012-09-27 00:49:42
I thought you all might like this, a review of Tainted Reality's "The Fixer."  Be gentle, this is my first time. It is free and online at For those of you unfamiliar with the series, "The Fixer" is a monthly-released comic book series by...
Football Sunday?
2012-02-16 19:11:06
We have just released a new sketch titled; "Football Sunday?", check it out: Three buddies crack open some beers and get ready for the biggest event of the year!
'Chun Li vs Cammy' Fan Film
2012-01-12 01:07:43
Our new video 'Chun Li vs Cammy' Fan Film is online at
New Sonic Teaser Released
2011-06-23 05:26:55
New Sonic Teaser released today. You can watch it in its full glory at Enjoy! Eddie
Becoming Tina, my new short/thesis film is premiering next month!
2011-04-24 20:19:02
Hi all! "Becoming Tina" is my newest short (as well as my thesis film at the School of Visual Arts) and will screening May 9th at the SVA Theater at 913PM (although I'm rounding it down to 9pm in the above info). The theater has one of the biggest screens in the city as well as an...
MAGFest 9: Sonic Fan Film Trailer and Interview
2011-01-27 16:24:47
 click 'read more' to watch.  
FUS Annnouncement - 'Sonic' Fan Film
2011-01-25 15:26:37
click read more to watch.  
New film: Sonic
2010-11-11 19:42:41
Hi Everyone, I have a new project. It is "Sonic". Yes, "Sonic the Hedgehog". Titled "Sonic". "Sonic" is a non-profit 10-20 minute short fan film based on the "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game franchise that will be available free to download and...
Going to Anime Festival Orlando!
2010-08-01 03:06:36
  Another convention appearance! The producers and myself will be at “Anime Festival Orlando” next weekend!  We will be doing a live interview and a screening of the film followed by a Q & A.   ———– Info: Time: 11PM-2AM Date: Saturday,...
Eddie Lebron and Company at SGC (ScrewAttack Gaming Convention)
2010-06-25 00:59:50
Hello! Next Friday through Sunday, I will be attending SGC as a panelist and guest (if that makes sense to be both) with Producers David and Daniel Horowitz. SGC is going down July 2-4th at the Westin Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (yes, that’s the name of the convention center). Here are...
3rd Video Blog: Special Edition DVD and Next Screening!
2010-06-07 02:50:45
Video Blog #3 is here!  Click "read more" to watch!:  
2010-06-06 10:57:46
Hello all! Sorry for the delay in my blogs and vlogs. I had a death in the family which made things a bit complicated. I have a new vlog edited and will pop that up later this evening. That will help update people on the happenings of the film, the DVDs, and the screening! Also, on a funny...
First Video Blog!
2010-05-17 22:57:07
Finally, my first video blog! Still kind of rough but will be perfecting my vlogging skills with each new video.  Click "read more"  to see it.  Enjoy!:    
DC Anime Club Screening of "MegaMan" May 15th!
2010-05-11 18:22:24
From the DC Anime Club: in Collaboration with DC Anime Club Presents a public screening of "MegaMan" Date: Saturday May 15, 2010 Time: 330PM Location:The Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Library 901 G St NW Washington, DC 20001 Room A5 on the “A” Level...
New "Megaman" Trailer Online!
2010-04-22 21:53:02
A new trailer for "Megaman" has gone live at Screw Attack!  Click the link below: May 7th, the film finally comes out...words can't describe how excited I am.  Not only do I finally get to show people the final...
Live Podcast Interview Tomorrow, March 9th!
2010-03-08 22:48:29
Quick update:   Tomorrow, March 9th, at 930PM I will be interviewed on "The Slacker and The Man" Podcast Live.  Expect to hear me ramble on about "Megaman" and my anger toward the Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros movie.  Link is below and hope you all listen...
More blogs to come.
2010-02-27 02:21:24
Hello all! As we approach the Megaman release, I think it would be a wise move to starting making use of this blog to post more updates, stories, and whatnot.  I'm sure as we approach the release, there will be more readers but until then, stay tuned! Eddie
New Skin on the site. How do you like?
2010-01-21 12:07:11
 Hey world do you like this new skin better? Tell me. There is more adjustments to come.
Meet me at MAGFEST and see Megaman!!
2009-12-30 18:05:19
 I would like to invite everyone out there to come to Magfest this weekend. January 1st and 2nd . I will be screening Megaman (A work in progress cut.) on the Saturday at 10AM to 1PM for a limited audience, on a first come first serve basis. A Q and A will follow. First to come gets a seat....
How do you all like my new site?
2009-11-10 01:16:26
Just had the site redone. It's lighter, faster and more powerful. With some great new features. One of which is this blog. Have a look around and let me know what you all think. You can post can post a comment by clicking "read more" below. It will take you to the full posting, from which...