Hi all!

"Becoming Tina" is my newest short (as well as my thesis film at the School of Visual Arts) and will screening May 9th at the SVA Theater at 913PM (although I'm rounding it down to 9pm in the above info).

The theater has one of the biggest screens in the city as well as an up-to-date projection set up. A 1080p copy of the film is screening so the image and sound should be amazing!

Admission is free and open to everyone! The producers and I will be in attendance as well!

Here is the official date and time for the premiere is:

Monday, May 9th
913PM (come at 9pm for good measure!).

School of Visual Arts Theater
333 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

For convenience, use the Facebook event page for this screening to let me know if your making it or not.  Thanks all!

"Becoming Tina"

Starring Ashely Denise Robinson, Bianca Jamotte, Katie Fabel, and Gary Lee Mahmoud

Written by Eddie Lebron and Beverly Wu
Edited, Shot, Directed by Eddie Lebron

Janet is an unemployed 23-year-old woman fresh out of college dealing with rough financial situation every which way she turns. Running out of options, she decides to take on a new career: escorting. Janet must now mentally prepare herself for what she sees as her only way out of her troubles.

Running time: 18 minutes, 37 seconds